17.04.2013: New forums added

Hello Drum'n'Bass Lover!

We added a bunch of new Drum & Bass and Dubstep forums to our crawler and removed some obsolete ones. That means that you'll get lots of news MP3 mixes on dnb-sets.de in the future.

If you have any ideas about new features or some forums we don't have in our list yet, send us a message on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/dnbsets
06.12.2009: dnb-sets.de on facebook

Heyho! Check our site on facebook and become a fan. We also post always updates of new sets to facebook. Share it and spread the news.
Click here: www.facebook.com/dnbsets
04.05.2009: Dashboard widget for your Mac

Check out this great dnb-sets.de dashboard widget for your Macintosh. It's freeware, requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and can be downloaded from www.apple.com/downloads/ . Enjoy!
29.04.2009: Comments and ratings

We are pleased to announce that we added a new feature to dnb-sets.de: Now you can rate and comment all sets! To do this, simply click on the "Comment" link at the bottom of every set fill out the form and click on Send. Enjoy!
27.04.2009: Search crawler up again

After some days of technical problems the dnb-sets.de crawler is up again and doing its work. So get ready for new stuff...
20.03.2009: dnb-sets.de now on twitter

dnb-sets.de is now on twitter. If you want to be up to date with the latest Drum'n'Bass mixes and sets and the latest news about dnb-sets.de feel free to follow us: www.twitter.com/dnbsets.
25.05.2008: Your D&B mixes on dnb-sets.de?

If you want your mixes or any other mixes be listed on dnb-sets.de you have to post them in the "mixing section" of the D&B source boards listed in the right column.

Additionally it is very important that the MP3 files (.mp3, not .zip) can be accessed directly from a webserver.

Mixes hosted on one-click-services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, DNBshare, ShareOnAll, etc. will not be crawled.
25.03.2008: New RSS feed for torrents

We added a new RSS reed to dnb-sets.de which shows you the latest Drum'n'Bass bittorrent files. So now we have three RSS feeds:

  1. Bittorrent RSS Feed
  2. New Sets RSS Feed
  3. Top 10 RSS Feed

We love Drum'n'Bass!

14.02.2008: A funny auction on ebay.co.uk

We received an email with a link to an auction on ebay UK in the genre "Drum'n'Bass" entitled "GET ALL YOUR DRUM & BASS OLD AND NEW MIXES TAKE A LOOK".

The description says:
For all the DnB you will ever need please read this if your love Drum& Bass. PLEASE CHECK MY FEEDBACK IF UNSURE OF PURCHASE. Welcome to the Drum'n'Bass mix secret large file download site is has a search engine like Google or Yahoo which looks through the below listed boards for independent DJ-sets and mixes. This site even has the old hysteria tapes and sets and back in the day mixes…. You can go to the host, add sets to your playlist and stream them. If You're looking for a specific set? Just use the search option. There are over NINE HUNDRED pages for live set downloads etc, so if you love DnB you will want this information After payment I will send you the link to the site instantly but keep it safe as this is a rare site which took me ages to find ok.

For 3.00 £ you can buy a link! Yes, a hyperlink! A link to what - click the link below to have a look.

"Quantity: 5 available" Wow!

Click here to visit the auction on ebay.co.uk.
23.07.2007: Your ad or banner on dnb-sets.de

If you want to place a web banner or a text advertisment on dnb-sets.de, just follow this link.

By using the Google Adwords advertising program you can upload a banner or place your text in 5 minutes on this site. You can set your own price for each ad click or impression - you have complete control.
12.06.2007: New field Permalink to copy/paste

Just below the "Threadtitle" we placed a new field in which the direct URL of an entry on dnb-sets.de is shown. Simply click in there and copy / paste the URL in any forum, blog, MySpace, ...
01.06.2007: More than 10.000

The dnb-sets.de search engine finds now more than 10.000 Drum'n'Bass sets and mixes and the list is still growing. Thanks to everyone who supports dnb-sets.de!
10.03.2007: Copy / paste banner code

We received many emails with questions how to add the dnb-sets.de banner to a website.

Please use this code on your site:

01.03.2007: dnb-sets.de on new hardware

dnb-sets.de is now running on new hardware. The site is running faster now. Can you feeeeeel it?

22.06.2006: Torrent beta

A torrent function is running in beta mode now. Works good so far.
To share a set, create a .torrent file with your favorite torrent tool and upload it here.
Please use http://www.dnb-sets.de/bittorrent/tracker.php as tracker URL.

06.01.2006: dnb-sets.de banner on your site

If you're running a website and want to put the dynamic dnb-sets.de banner on your site, please use this URL as the image-URL (width: 468 pixel, height: 60 pixel):


... and simply put a link to http://www.dnb-sets.de

04.01.2006: Excluding MP3-sets from crawling

If you dont' want dnb-sets.de to index your set, please use "Ni!Ni!Ni!" in the comment field of the ID3-tag.

The search engine excludes these files from crawling.

15.08.2005: Knowledge Mag says ...

Piss Off Google!
You’re gonna love this. The good, good people at www.dnb-sets.de have put together the world’s first drum & bass mix search engine. Get this; a robot trawls through over 30 boards and forums looking for DJ sets and mixes for you. It sifts through Dogs on Acid, DNB Arena, DSCI4, Future Forum, DNB Nation, TorontoJungle and many others looking for your latest favouritest mix ever. ...


04.08.2005: dnb-sets.de podcasting service

Brand new: The dnb-sets.de RSS Podcast: Subscribe to download the most requested sets to your MP3-player. That's the link: http://www.dnb-sets.de/rss/podcast.php
Learn more about podcasting at wikipedia.org.
Requested & tested by pelim2k2.

31.07.2005: dnb-sets.de v2 launched

dnb-sets.de now runs on version 2! New features:
  • ID3V2 support
  • improved search options
  • tracklisting scanner (still in progress)
  • new and fresher design
  • ~ 40% faster than version 1

  • 03.05.2005: RSS feeds

    Syndication! You want to integrate the newest mixes on your site? Simply use our RSS feeds.
    Here we go:
    The 15 latest sets: http://www.dnb-sets.de/rss/new.php
    Top 10 set of the last 5 days: http://www.dnb-sets.de/rss/topten.php

    dnb-sets.de - Booh!
    Welcome to dnb-sets.de - the Drum'n'Bass mix search engine!

    dnb-sets.de is a search engine like Google or Yahoo which looks through the below listed boards for independent DJ-sets and mixes.

    You can go to the host, add sets to your playlist and stream them. You're looking for a specific set? Just use the search option.

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